Thursday, October 28, 2010

Coelurus - The Breast Footed Dinosaur


Coelurus or Coelurosauria, means vacant tail. It is a weekly identified species. It has a number of different things present in it. It is referred to s the small therpods. It is predictable as a simulated, polyphyletic coalition group. It is an extinct creature where it lived About 156 to 145 million years ago.

  • It is 6 feet long, it has been weighed as 20 kg and its thigh is 55 cm long.
  • It is light weighted where it can move beam and rapid.
  • The fossils were found in Wyoming , USA.

Coelurus had a petite head and it is taller than Ornitholestes. It had very long neck, a slim vertebra, particularly cervical and caudal parts of the bone formation. They had brawny pneumatic long bones with unfilled vertebrae and empty tail with amusingly great inner cavity along with thin walls.

  • They used to live in the woods.
  • It is the carnivores animal –used to feed on flesh.
  • It is heavy less and it can run much faster.
  • The predators cannot be easily touched.

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