Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dilong paradoxus

Dilong paradoxusDilong paradoxus

Dilong paradoxus-emperor dragon is a primitive, emu-sized tyrannosaur which was covered in feathers. When it lived 130 million years ago.


Dilong paradoxus had a covering of simple feathers or protofeathers. The feathers were seen in fossilized skin impressions from near the jaw and tail. It possessed three fingers on its hands. Growth ring studies indicate that tyrannosaurs grew very quickly when young, supporting warm-bloodedness Dilong paradoxus is a small tyrannosauroid estimated to be 1.6m in body length. The small size of Dilong paradoxus, in comparison with more derived, large tyrannosauroids, Dilong paradoxus shares numerous derived cranial similarities with other tyrannosauroids .

Dilong paradoxus has a less robust skull, a much larger external naris, an expanded braincase, a lower sagittal crest, and anteroposteriorly longer basicranium and a smaller mylohyoid foramen,and lacks a surangular foramen (Fig. 1a–e). Some of these features might be size related; however, progressively larger size is a phylogenetic trend in tyrannosaurids7,9,11. It is also different from other tyrannosauroids in several unique features.

  • Discovered country: china
  • Eatable-carnivorous
  • Weight-73lb
  • Length-5.1 feet

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