Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Mexico giant dinosaur - Titanoceratops

"Many unknown dinosaurs await discovery in rock formations all over the world, however some new species are defeat in plain sight. One such animal, explained in an in-press Cretaceous Research paper, had one of the biggest heads of any dinosaur."

The recognition of Titanoceratops creates new hypotheses about the evolution of the last of North America’s horned dinosaurs. At about 74 million years old, Titanoceratops expands the range of the Triceratopsini back about five million years and may specify that large body size evolved among this subgroup earlier than had been thought.

Though surely an imposing specimen, the main value of Titanoceratops may be in assisting paleontologists trace the evolution of horned dinosaurs just ahead of the catastrophic end-Cretaceous mass extinction.

For more information visit this link Titanoceratops.

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