Monday, February 14, 2011

Tyrannosaurus rex

Cliche says that Tyrannosaurus rex which weighed 5-7 tons is considered to be one of the deadly dinosaur. But the tyrant king was likely true to the billing. After all its bone-crushing jaws could splinter prey like toothpicks. Scientists wonder whether T. rex was more a lumbering scavenger or a quick and agile predator, but dead or alive, its meals were big, meaty and bloody. And T. rex wasn't the only deadly dinosaur, however. The globe was filled vicious killers.

Physical Description
Tyrannosaurus rex had two legs and was 40 feet long.

It’s jaws were up to 4 feet long and it's teeth grew up to be 13 inches long.

Tyrannosaurus rex had bumpy skin like a crocodile. Some scientists think T. Rex could go up to 15 MPH. The T-REX weighed 5-7 tons.

It’s arms were 3 feet long. T. Rex had a stride length of around 12 to 15 feet.

Tyrannosaurus rex



Young Earth Age:
Alive sometime in the last 6000 years.

Old Earth Age:
According to old earth scientists, T-Rex lived in the Cretacious Period, about 85-65 million years ago.

Diet :
It was a carnivore (meat eating dinosaur).

Fossil locations:
T-Rex fossils have been found in North West America.

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