Thursday, March 10, 2011


Rebbachisaurus was a huge, diplodocus sauropod dinosaur that lived about 113 to 97.5 million years ago.

This quadrupedal plant-eater had a whip-like tail, a long neck, a small head, clawed hind legs, a high-arched back, and a bulky body. It may have had a sail on its back.

Rebbachisaurus is distinguished from other sauropods by its unusually tall, ridged back.

The discovery of Rayososaurus, a South American sauropod nearly identical to Rebbachisaurus, supports the theory that there was still a land connection between Africa and South America during the Early Cretaceous, long after it was commonly thought the two continents had separated.

Rebbachisaurus was about 68 ft (20 m) long.

The type species is R. garasbae.

Rebbachisaurus was named by Lavocat in 1954.

Fossils have been found in Morocco and Niger, Africa.


Scientific Classification

Kingdom : Animalia

Phylum : Chordata

Class : Sauropsida

Superorder : Dinosauria

Order : Saurischia

Suborder : Sauropodomorpha

Infraorder : Sauropoda

Superfamily : Diplodocoidea

Family : Rebbachisauridae

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