Friday, April 1, 2011

Detection of T-Rex’s kin

The sixth member of the Tyrannosaurus relations which is about 11 meters long called as small cousin of T-Rex was discovered in London.

A fresh dinosaur species that resembles the well-known marauder has been discovered in China by an Irish biologist.

Dr David Hone, a lecturer at UCD's School of Biology and Environmental Science, chief of an international team of scientists including one of the world's foremost paleontologists who newly recognized the new dinosaur.

Their conclusions will be in print in the scientific journal Cretaceous Research.
The new dinosaur Zhuchengtyrannus magnus remains were found after the area in Shangong province in eastern China.

After the foundation of the fractional skull and jawbones scientists consider that the creature would measured 11 meters long, stood four meters high and weighed almost six tonnes similar in size to the infamous T-Rex.
It is also believed to be one of the largest rapacious carnivores ever known by the scientists.

Along with this new one another species Asian Tarbosaurus by name joins an elite club of gigantic dinosaurs called tyrannosaurines that are whispered to have roamed North America and eastern Asia during the late Cretaceous Period between 65 and 99 million years ago.

They were gigantic beasts characterized by huge bone-crushing jaws, small arms and two-fingered hands.

Dr Hone said that it is hard explain he overall size of this animal with some skull and jawbones.

He also added that the frame is few centimeters smaller than the equivalent ones in the largest T-Rex specimen. So there is no distrust that Zhuchengtyrannus was a huge tyrannosaurine.

He said that the new dinosaur can be renowned from a new tyrannosaurines by a combination of exceptional features in the skull.

The new genus was named as Zhuchengtyrannus magnus which gives the meaning as Tyrant from Zhucheng

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