Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Era of Thalattosaur Skeleton

Thalattosaur Skeleton
Thalattosaur Skeleton

Thalattosaurs an ocean lizard which lived during the mid-late of Triassic period Belongs to a group of marine reptiles. Its fossil skeleton which was 20 million year old was found in Alaska along the sea shore of a low tide near Tongass National Forest. It is very unique that one could not expect to see on a day at the beach.
According to International Business Times, Alaskan scientists determined that the skeleton was of a rare marine creature and being sunken in water and rocks, called Thalattosaurs. The last survive of this creature was from about 200 million years ago.
The next is about scientists who are continuing to dig out the remaining of the fossils along with finding the skull which may be hidden deep into the beach rocks. They were able to excavate two huge slabs of rocks with fossils embedded. The digged slabs were sent to a museum lab in order to chip out the fragile bones in trust of enlightening one of the most complete Thalattosaur skeletons yet discovered.
Dr Jim Baichtal, a geologist and part of the discovery team, said The Daily Mail that finding the skeleton was a total surprise.

Dinosaur Skeleton

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