Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Plesiosaur – Gives Single Birth in Water

Plesiosaur Dinosaur
Plesiosaur a kind of dinosaur is defined as one which has a giant, long-necked swimming reptile and has been lived for a period of about 78 million years ago. It is a kind of carnivorous marine reptile.
After the detection of plesiosaurs, it is said that it resembles a snake threaded through the shell of a turtle, even though they had no shell. Their skeletons were first found in England by Mary Anning before the period of early 19th century. And it is the first fossil vertebrates to be illustrated by science.
This unique dinosaur has determined a long-held secrecy about the animals and how they reproduced.
As per the scientists those marine livings of ancient seas such as modern whales and dolphins are actually gave birth to their newborns beneath the water one at a time, and could have cared for them much as modern whales do.
Many creatures in the marine reptile world of that period shows that they gave birth to a dozen or more at a time but plesiosaur is the first to show proof of a single birth and only in the water, according to the paleontologists.

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