Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Biggest creature Once Roamed Antarctica

sauropod dinosaur
The sauropod family includes some of the main earthly vertebrates that still existed -- huge, awkward beasts weighing tens or still hundreds of plenty. And they lived all over but Antarctica, paleontologist’s thought -- until now.

Argentinean researchers have just exposed the Antarctic leftovers of a titanosaur, a plant-eating, sauropod dinosaur that leftovers one of the main creatures to still trudge the outside of the earth.

In spite of the huge size of the creatures, the proof was extraordinarily little: Just a section of spine hardly 7.5 inches long supposed to have approach from the center third of the dinosaur's tail.

These sauropod dinosaur leftovers from Antarctica improve our present information of the dinosaurian faunas throughout the Late Cretaceous on this continent," said Ignacio Alejandro Cerda from Argentinan science foundation CONICET, who was part of the squad that exposed the remains of the "lithostrotian titanosaur." The huge creature lumbered around approximately 70 million years ago.

Other significant dinosaur discoveries have been made in Antarctica in the previous two decades -- mainly in the James Ross Basin where this small piece of bone was originate, the scientists noted.

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