Thursday, April 12, 2012

Enigmatic Dinosaurs egg discovered in Patagonia

Enigmatic Dinosaurs
An Argentine-Swedish explore team has reported a 70-million-year-old pocket of fossilized bones and unique eggs of an enigmatic birdlike dinosaur in Patagonia.

"What makes the discovery unique are the two eggs sealed near articulated bones of its hind limb? This is the first time the eggs are originated in a seal proximity to skeletal remains of an alvarezsaurid dinosaur," says Dr. Martin Kundrat dinosaur specialist from the group of Professor per Erik Ahlberg at Uppsala University.

The dinosaur represents the newest survivor of its kind from Gondwana, the southern island in the Mesozoic Era.

The creature belongs to one of the strangest groups of dinosaurs, the Alvarezsauridae, and it is one of the major members, 2.6 m, of the family.

The two eggs establish mutually with the bones during the journey might have been inside the oviducts of the Bonapartenykus feminine when the creature perished.

"During examination of the shell samples using the electron scanning microscopy observed strange fossilized substance inside of the pneumatic canal of the eggshells. It twisted out to be the first proof of fungal contamination of dinosaur eggs.

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