Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Collection of huge dinosaur bone found

Dinosaur Bone

The enormous scrape bone of a big meat-eating dinosaur has been exposed at Lightning Ridge, in the collection of the Australian Opal Centre.

One hundred million years ago at Lightning Ridge, a big dinosaur with hideous hand claws roamed the forests. This was a frightening huntsman that caught and slashed its quarry with claws like grappling hooks.

The bone is decomposed along one surface, but when absolute it would have been about 15 centimeters extended.

“We can recognize it by comparing it to extra scrape bones in the AOC set, and by referring to dinosaurs from elsewhere in Australia and overseas,” Elizabeth said.

The Carters Rush dinosaur was maybe four metres lengthy and up to three metres high at the trendy, same in size to Allosaurus from North America. This is the main theropod dinosaur ever exposed in NSW, and one of Australia’s biggest therapies.

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