Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fossils of dicynodont exposed on each continent

Dinosaur Fossils
Fossils discovered on a Tasmanian beach have established the survival in Australia of the dicynodont – an odd-looking species that lived 30 million years previous to the dinosaur – proving it existed on all continents.

The fossils were established by a pair strolling on a seaside on the Tasman Peninsula. The plant-eating animals, about the size of a cow, lived about 250 million years ago and became destroyed about 20 million years ago.

Complete specimens of the dicynodont have been establishing in India and South Africa. The detection of the two skull pieces found in Tasmania has enabled scientists to verify that the creature lived in Australia. The only other proof was a fossil found in Queensland in 1983.

A paleontologist of Queensland Museum, Dr Andrew Rozefelds said the "strange-looking beast” may have survived longer in Australia than on other continents.

Australia is an island continent and perhaps some things like the monotremes, like the platypus and the echidna, survived here as elsewhere in the earth they became extinct.

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