Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Emperor Tamarin

Scientific Name:Saguinus imperator
Kingdom: Animalia

Class: Mammalia
Family: Cebidea

Distribution Of Emperor tamarin: River drainages in Peru such as the Acre, Purus, and Jurua have populations of emperor tamarins. They are found in the southwest Amazon Basin.

Habitat: They are found in different types of light, dry-bottom to terrestrial dense Amazon forests. They normally reside in trees below 80-95 feet.

Features: Emperor tamarins are between 9-10.5 inches in length with a tail length of nearly 15 inches. It is a light animal weighing just about 10-14 ounces at the age of maturity. There most unique feature is their long, white, drooping mustache. They usually have seen with black or dark grey coat with yellow coats on their back and a brownish-red chest and tail. They have claws on all of their fingers and toes with the exception of the great toe, which has a nail.

Feeding habit: They normally use to have plant matter. They even eat fruit, tree sap, insects, and small vertebrates At times on different types of insects such as locusts, beetles, butterflies, spiders, and ants. Even small vertebrates which include lizards and tree frogs.

Behavior: They are very active in nature especially during the day and are constantly moving. They move from branch to branch with great leaps and jerky movements. Often the emperor tamarin is found living among other groups of emperor tamarins.

Breeding: Several members in their group will be sexually mature. Usually the two oldest males and the oldest female are the members responsible for reproduction. The gestation period is of the last 140-145 days; usually of two or sometimes 3 young ones. Emperor tamarins are sexually mature at the age of 16 to 20 months.

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