Sunday, September 5, 2010

Komondor Dog

Basic characteristic traits of KOMONDOR

The head of the Komondor is large and the muzzles are relatively short and dark. It is basically a muscular flock guardian, with a colossal bone structure.

They have almond-shaped eyes which are dark brown in color and size is of medium. Their Ears are elongated with triangle shape with a rounded tip; they have hanging tail which is long enough. The teeth are in a scissors or level bite.

Females are 27 inches (69cm) at the withers. Male are a minimum of 28 inches at the withers, but many are over 30 inches tall, The external coat merges with the internal coat to form extensive cords that hang flanking the dog.
of these Dogs are to the extent of 125 pounds (59kg.) In Females 10% less.

The puppy coat is soft and fluffy It will take up to 5 years for a puppy to get its full growth.

Life span of the dog is from 10 -12 years.

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