Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mandarin Duck

It’s impossible to see a beautiful creature than this!!

The normal length for the Mandarin Duck is between 43-51cm, wings are folded 22.1-22.6cm. Their tail length is of 10.2-10.4cm and an average bill length is of 27.9mm.

The males have an iridescent crown extending to a long crest and chestnut cheeks. The females, however, are less colorful. Their color varies from gray and white, to brown and greenish brown. The female bears a strong resemblance to the female Wood Duck but can be distinguished by the narrow eye stripe; the Wood Ducks is shorter and blunter. Differences between the sexes are obvious, the males have a crested head and chestnut/orange wing and sail feathers that are raised vertically above their back. The females are duller in color and lack the crested head.

The calls of the of them are similar to ge,ge, wooing and bifu. The Mandarin Duck hunts by head-dipping in shallow waters. Feeding occurs during both day and night, but during the morning they spend much of their time in shady areas.

Diet consists of seeds, acorns, aquatic plants, insects, snails and fish. The diet is seasonal, in the fall acorns and grains are favored while in the spring insects, snails, fish and vegetation are preferred. During the summer months dew worms, grasshoppers, small fish, frogs, mollusks and small snakes are preferred.

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