Friday, July 30, 2010


The intentional cross breeding of two dogs that is of the Maltese and Poodle ended up in the result known as the Maltipoo or Maltepoo(cross breed). It shares the quality of both breeds and very awfully intelligent, it’s cute , little,tiny and very dependable to their human family. They are loving and gentle dogs.

Maltepoos are good therapy dogs and have a strange nature to drift down towards a needy person, it might be a child or adult,whatever be so.The size varies depending on its derivation but usually they are between 5 and 12 lbs. They are non-shedding, and of different colors, in that light color is common.
They have soft and fluffy coat, with little wave to curl. The coat will be having different textures.

TEA CUP Maltipoos:

A teacup maltipoo is perhaps one of the mostdesirable. On the whole they are extremely loyal and will adore its owner without question.

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  1. That's very rare that both maltese and poodle can't produce tea cup pups. She's one adorable little pup..

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