Monday, August 30, 2010

Bactrian camel

General Characteristics :

Length of the Body: 300 cm / 10 ft.

Shoulder Height: 180-230 cm / 6-7.6 ft.

Length of the tail: 50 cm / 20 in.

Weight: 600-1000 kg / 1320-2200 lb.

Diet: Leaves, grasses, shrubs.

It is long, wooly coat differs in their color from dark brown to sandy beige. There are tresses and beard of long hair over the neck and throat, with hairs up to 25 cm / 10 in long. The hairy winter coat is shed extremely rapid, with a large sections shedding off at once, almost as if it were shorn off. The special feature is, they have two humps on the back, which are composed totally of fat (not water as sometimes thought).

Face of the camel is long and rather triangular, with a split in the upper lip. There have long eyelashes, along with the sealable nostrils, which helps to protect from the dust in the frequent sandstorms which occur in their regular place. They have two broad toes and on each foot they have undivided soles and it helps them to adapt to walking on sand.


Gestation Period: 12-14 months.

Young per Birth: 1 or 2 rarely

Weaning: 1-2 years.

Sexual Maturity: Females - 3 to 4 years, males - 5 to 6 years.
Life span: 40 years.

Peaks Month is from March-April.

Behavior :

Bactrian camels are extremely adaptable at withstanding in temperature - from freezing cold to sweltering heat. Remarkable ability is to roam without water for months at a time, but when water is obtainable they possibly will drink up to 57 liters at once. Like a giraffe, the rolling gait of the camel is accomplished by stepping forwards with both legs on the same side.

Speeds of up to 65 kmph / 40 mph under extreme pressure. They are said to be good swimmers. Their sight is well developed and the sense of smell is extremely good.

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