Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Kingdom :Animalia
Phylum :Chordata
Class :Aves
Order :Pelecaniformes
Family :Balaenicipitidae

The Shoebill is a very large stoke bird, also known as Whale head. It was only confidential in the 19th century when some skins were brought to Europe for the scientist to explore.


It is the most inspiring bird in Africa, it has a long wooden shoes that stand about 4.5 feet when it is pointed for the food in the trivial water .Buddy call it as whale head because it just look like blue whale. It has a enormous hooked bills for the detection and it is similar to heron, storks and pelicans. The bills are in the color of yellow. Shoebill legs and toes are long and they have large eyes .The male shoes are longer that female one.

  • Length-4 feet
  • Wingspan-8.5 feet
  • Bills-7.5 inches
  • Toes-6.6 to 7.3 inches


Shoebills live in swamp, most of the times they live in central africa , Tanzania Rwanda, congo .


The world total inhabitants are 5000 to 8000, due to the devastation, habitat, increased trouble and large number of hunting level the inhabitants has been reduced drastically. The current status of the shoe bill is poor.


Shoebills are carnivores. They eat more and more angle, lung fish, Turtles, water snakes, lizards, frogs, crocodiles too. Shoebills feed in muddy waters. They nest on the ground and lay 2 eggs.


It is the endanger bird, these birds are so cautious and only few shoebills are left in the world, because it is much vulnerable, although many public are working to protect this shoebills by visiting the vacationer glow.

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