Friday, August 20, 2010

EASTERN GLASS LIZARD (Ophisaurus ventral’s)

Is it a snake?

No, it is reptile that looks like a snake but they are actually lizards. The special name for the glass lizard is glass snake. It is a legless lizard and currently there is no subspecies present.


The glass snake is light brown or yellowish to greenish in coloration.


Glass snakes are long, slim, legless lizards that actually resemble snakes. They differ from snakes, but they have suitable eyelids, exterior ear openings, and hard jaws. It is the highest and heaviest glass lizard. This lizard is different from other glass lizards by the lack of a dim dorsal hoop .The tail is easily broken and it is often broken at the tip. It is the only limbless lizard in the United States.

  • Weight -46 to 108 cm


  • Georgia
  • Southern Carolina
  • Florida
  • Louisiana
  • Oklahoma


They are found in dirty areas of coastal plain. They are most common in smooth forest, grassland and swamp. Additionally, glass lizards are very familiar in coastal hill and sometimes even found below garbage at the wave line.


They hunt actively during daytime, but are commonly found taking shelter under boards and other rubbish. When it is arrested the lizard break of all the parts of their tail where more than half the length will be reduced, but it will not worry about it because the tail will regrow .now its free to escape from the enemies.


They eat large varieties of snakes, insects, reptiles and they are mostly fond of grasshoppers, beetles, spiders and snails. They eat the eggs of other reptiles too. The glass lizard does not have teeth’s and jaws so this limit for the lizards to eat. They search the prey above the ground and beneath ground in hole.


The female lizard lays egg in the summer under the panel, log and other closed entity. Around 8-17 eggs are laid and they take 56-61 days to hatch. The female take care of the eggs carefully until they hatch.

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  1. Correct the Glass Lizard is the only species of legeless lizard in the United states but there are several species the mimic the Eastern and westrn glass lizard and some more you should mention those as well. I just found an Eastern glass lizard in my yard today so I have educated myself on them Im not an expert but I know there are several types of glass lizard.