Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CHACMA BABOON(Papio ursinus)

Let’s see what it is?

It is, like all other baboons from the Old World monkey family .It is also acknowledged as cape baboon,it is the world largest and heaviest species denoted by Cercopithecidae family.


The baboons are intermediate build; they are brown in color with a space of rough hair on its neck. The fur is grey in color and their tails are lengthy .Like the human beings the eyes, nose and ears are very sharp. The most distinct feature of this baboon is its downhill oblique face. Most special fact is that the male is having canine teeth -2 inches which is bigger than lion’s teeth.
  • Male weight – 36 kg
  • Female weight – 15 to 18 kg


  • South Africa
  • Angola
  • Zambia
  • Mozambique


The most favorite place for these baboons is Savannah forest and mountains. They usually reside at huge trees and caves, where the enemies cannot come and attack. They never travel too far from their residing places. They spend most of the daytime hours on the ground, and they are infrequently seen after sunset.


Baboons are omnivores – eating both the flesh and plants. They feed leaves, fruit, roots, leaves, grass, flowers, insects, lizards, birds and their eggs too.
They even kill the new born of leopard and antelope.


  • Bilharzia - blood related parasite.
  • Pleuritis - lung disease.
These are the two diseases that often kill them.


  • Leopard
  • Snakes
  • Crocodiles

Like the feral animal, their behavior is startling and volatile. If they are trapped they will fight to the end, normally the male will be the one with the most violent behavior. And humans are no exception, particularly if their little is in danger.

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