Friday, August 20, 2010


Kingdom : Animalia
Phylum : Mollusca
Class : Cephalopoda
Order : Octopoda
Family :Octopodidae

The blue ring octopus is three octopus species. It is one of the interesting of all octopuses. They are presently familiar as the most powerful venomous animal. It is off two types
  • Hapalochlaena lunulata – large and grows up to 20cm
  • Hapalochlaena maculosa – small and weight a 28gram


It is a beautiful creature but the cephalopod is more deadly .It is having a curling arms and it is Grey with white patches when it is taking rest, but when it is disturbed 50 or 60 blue rigs appear as the warning. Inside the salivary gland colonies of bacteria produce asphyxiation. It is not affected by toxin developed between octopus and bacteria.


They normally live in tidal pools where dead shells are presented. They hide in rocks and rubbish. They are found in low and sandy areas nearby Australia and Indio-pacific.


It mostly feed on crabs, mollusks and fish. They kill their prey with a powerful poison injected with their bite.


The octopus behavior is something different. It is a brilliant creature show up the sign before they bite because when they are irritated they develop a blue rings.In such situation we should be very careful and safe. It is a venomous species and in such cases it can lead human death.


The female lays eggs and carries for about six months until they originate.Once the young one originate the female dies.


It is only like a golf ball, but it venom is more terrible that can kill 26 human beings within an minute .when the poison is injected
  • Sick
  • Vision-indistinct
  • Lack of sensation
  • Sense of touch
  • Three minutes-paralyzed
The pain will not be too much but the deadly neurotoxins start attacking the muscles, numbness followed by breathing and then finally it leads to death.

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