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Kingdom : Animalia
Phylum : Chordata
Class : Mammalia
Order : Sirenia
Family : Dugongidae

What’s this Dugong?

Dugong Is a large mammal that spends its whole life in the sea. It is also called "sea cows" as this lady of the sea will only eat large amounts of sea grass. They live in warm water they are closely related to elephants.


A dugong is having a dolphin structure, the muzzle is large and fleshy, the eyes are small, and the external ears consist of tiny openings. The cheek teeth are simple ,The neck is very short; the pectoral flippers are short and rounded, without nails, hind limbs are completely absent; and the tail fin is horizontally flattened,. The body color is gray-bronze, It is thick and having smooth skin.

· Length-3m-10m

· Weight-400kg


  • Australia
  • Indian ocean

  • Pacific ocean


· Sea grass is the main diet.

· Fresh water sources- drinking

§ Feeding mechanism

They uproot the sea-grass by digging furrows in the sea-floor with their snouts.


Dugongs swim in the coastal waters were they find protection from large waves and storms. Dugongs surface only to breathe, and never come to the land. They like to live in large herds.


The female one attract the number of male ones in which one or two mate with her It bears one calf at a time, after 13 months gestation the calf reaches the sexual maturity b/w the ages 8-18 . They may not remain with the same female for number of years, Dugong cannot bear a new calf for 2.5 to 7 years, hence there s a low reproductive rate.


During the winter, a few Dugongs will move to warmer places- bays and canals and other will also go to man built radiators for warmth.

Dugongs also live in warmer waters.


Dugongs are slow-moving and have little protection against predators.

Being large animals

1. Sharks

2. Salt water crocodiles

3. Killer whales

These causes danger to Dugong.

The calf hides behind their mother when it is in danger.

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