Tuesday, August 24, 2010


It is a blind white crab rage with hairs has been squeeze from the deep. It is the crustacean belongs to Kiwaidae family. It is famous for the magnitude of shiny pale setae which is similar to fur. The walking legs are about six inches and the fur is covering the thoracic, legs and claws. The animal has powerful eyes that require stain, the ‘hairy’ tongs contain filamentous bacteria .The special name for the yeti crab is” yeti lobster”.


  • Other names: Kiwa hirsuta.
  • Legs and claws are enclosed by shiny pale setae.
  • A filamentous bacterium present in the setae is used to de-toxicity materials.
  • It survival was found on 2005
  • The species was resolute to be an utterly latest genus.
  • South Pacific Ocean is the only place where the animal is living till now.
  • It was originated using the underwater.
  • There is no information about the breeding till now.
  • It will be only at the depth of 2400 meters.
  • It lays the eggs in the fur of the Abdominal Snowman.
  • The enemies of the yeti crab is fish, octopus, snails, starfish, birds.


It is a flesh eating animal. Since this crab is new to everyone, no one knows what it will eat exactly. It may eat bacteria and additional gear. Though it is a flesh eating animal it will eat any species which are used as food and it will eat algae too.

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