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It is the rare species of spider. Katipo is a Māori means "night-stinger”. It is dangerous to human and it is capable of delivering highly venomous bite. The attractive name for the katipo is the tangle-web spiders. People call them as the night stinger because they believe that it will bite only at the night time. It is also called as Australian red back spider.


The adult spider is medium sized spider having a huge black stomach. Sometimes it may have white markings at the front of the stomach. There is a hoop in the middle of the abdomen and proceeds towards the back end of the spider. There is also a red hour glass shape on the base of the belly.the male spider are different from female, they are smaller in size and having a white abdomen .they look like juveniles when they are fully grown.the size of the female is 0.31inches.


  • New Zealand
  • North Island
  • Banks peninsula,Foxton
  • Wanganui,Auckland,Wellington coastline


The preferential localities are coastal sand dunes and beaches. They generally reside on the dunes close to the coast. They are most sheltered from storms and sand. Webs are normally recognized in low-growing hill plants and other plants such as the native Pingao.The webs are always constructed near the grounds and open sand to catch the insects for food. The web is curved mesh of well textured silk. They generally prefers grasses, sedges, driftwood to live and construct the web.


  • Beetles
  • Moths
  • Other spiders
  • Flies


The katipo has only one direct predator, it is a small wasp which feeds on katipo eggs.


It is generally found by the heavy pain. Normally it will have a pain, but after sometimes it will feel like burning heavily. Within 24 hours severe local pain with local sweating Pain, the swelling may spread from the site.

Connected features
  • malise, nausea, vomiting, chest pain, head ache, fever
Rare complications
  • Coma, skin infection, seizure

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